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Yesterday, We Talked About How Encouraging Your Baby’S Brain Development.

baby’s brain development.


Yesterday, we talked about how encouraging your baby’s brain development. The emotional and social development is as important as cognitive development, and you can do things to boost them at the same time.


Here you have some things you can do to boost the emotional and social development of your baby when she is between 3 and 6 months old:


– Show love to your baby: By showing her unconditional love, you are contributing to her sense of self-value.

– Spent time with your baby: play together, give her kisses and hugs, do baby yoga…

– Talk all the time: tell her what you are doing, what you see. Point things out to her.

– Make eye contact: look right into your baby’s eyes when you are feeding her, changing her diaper, and bathing her. She’ll look right back. It’s the perfect time to build trust and connect.