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New EU rules on organic production guarantee food quality, environmental


protection, and animal welfare.


Danalac organic baby nutrition guarantees the highest product safety for babies.

Organic Infant Formula

Our dairy cows and goats are raised in a more natural living environment, with continuous access to organic pasture and diets free from GMO grain. The raw materials we use in our Danalac organic formula are obtained from those major EU-counties famous for their pure nature and organic farming.

No GMO – No Preservatives – No Colorants – No Artificial Additives.

Organic Baby Cereals

Organic Baby Cereals are recommended as a first meal because organic products are free of pesticide residues, heavy metals, artificial additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colors, flavors, and flavor enhancers. They are free of residues of antibiotics, growth regulators, and other veterinary drugs. And they are easy to digest.

Danalac Organic Baby Cereals are adapted to the nutritive and physiological needs of babies.

Organic Baby Puree

Produced 100% Estonian:

4th best air quality in the world

51% covered with forests

45% of the forests are organic collection areas

22% of wildlife preserved

20% organic farmland