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Do You Know Why is Important that Babies have Tummy Time?

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Do you know why is important that babies have tummy time?


As you know, babies must sleep placed on their back to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. But during the day, it’s time to let your baby check out the world from a whole different point of view, on her tummy. You can do this since the baby is on her first month of life.


— Tummy time lets your baby learn how to support her neck and shoulders. It’s better to do it few times each day during few minutes, and always supervised.


— Lay your baby on different surfaces for tummy time.


— Put a brightly colored toy on the floor for your baby to focus on.


— Increase the length of “tummy time” as your baby gets older.


— Some babies may not like being on their tummies. If your baby is one of them, increase her tummy time gradually.