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Daily, We Can Hear A Lot Of “True Facts” About Pacifiers



Daily, we can hear a lot of “true facts” about pacifiers, and, the truer fact about pacifiers is that they can calm down a fussy baby. Next, we are going to review what the experts say about other “facts” that circulates around the pacifiers:


– Pacifiers May Reduce the Risk of SIDS. It’s true, because the sucking movement keep the baby in a lighter state of dream, besides keeping his airway open, and these facts made difficult that he can stop breathing.


– Pacifiers Typically Cause Dental Problems. This is false in almost all cases.


For most babies, there’s no harm done in the first two years, because their mouths are so malleable that whatever change a pacifier may cause could correct itself. However,


it’s not just the age at which your child gives up the pacifier that’s important, but how vigorously he sucks.


– You Need to Wash Your Child’s Pacifiers Frequently. Of course, this statement is true. It’s not news that pacifiers get germy and dirty.


To wash them, experts recommend running your baby’s pacifiers through the dishwasher or hand-washing with hot, soapy water daily or whenever they’re dropped.


Store the clean, dry pacifiers in plastic zip-top bags for extra germ protection.