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The best toys for the children of that difficult age

the best toys for the children

Yesterday, we reviewed the best toys for one-year-old children…


Today, we are going to take a look at the best toys for the children of that difficult age that is two-years-old.


Some people call this age “the terrible twos” because of changes that children undergo at this age.


With these toys, the “terrible twos” will be easier for children and parents. Remember to include some of these in your child’s Santa box:

  • Play kitchen and baby dolls: As toddlers are natural mimics, they will enjoy doing with their toys same things that Dad and Mom.
  • Art materials and an easel to develop creativity.
  • Puzzles: This is a good age to introduce puzzles and the idea that a lot of little parts can make a whole.
  • Dress-up clothes: Dress-up gives children the opportunity to act out roles in a familiar and safe environment.
  • Books: Always are a great way to promote literacy and language development.