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You will Know Everything about Baby and Child Seats in the Car.

child seats in the car


In the car, the children’s safety is as important as in the house. We must keep our children safe. Probably, you will know everything about baby and child seats in the car, but there are some tips to assure the safety is maximum.


– Remember that, talking about the baby and children seats, it’s about fit. They must be in the seat that fits with their height and weight, although the older children can ask for a change.

– Make sure that your toddler is in the seat and that the belt or the harness is close. Sometimes children free themselves and this is very dangerous.

– Check the installation of your child’s car seat periodically.

– Check that there are no twists in the seat belt.

– Check that the children can’t operate power windows, and when you are going to open or close the windows check that there are no fingers or even ahead close to the window.

-Always use the special seat although you are going to ride a short distance. Accidents can happen even at the entrance of your own garage.