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Two Babies and Just One Mummy or Daddy to Feed Them.



When you have twins, bottle-feeding them could become something really difficult: two baby bottles, two babies and just one mummy or daddy to feed them.


Here you have some tips which help you to feed your twins easily:


– Prepare bottles in advance: you can have the infant formula measured for each baby bottle and stored in special containers. Also, you can sterilize in advance the baby bottles.


– Have the bouncy seats ready in the place where you want to feed your twins. If you prefer, you can use a twin-size nursing pillow or two single nursing pillows, which help you to maintain them incline to avoid that they intake too much air.


– Don’t forget to burp, taking turns for each baby.


– Encourage self-feeding, placing your babies’ hands on their bottles. They will get used to hold them and perhaps, they could help you to feed themselves.