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What Is A Food Intolerance? 


What is a food intolerance?


If your baby has frequent digestive problems after eating a particular food (gas, diarrhea, cramping, or vomiting), he may have a food intolerance.


Many kids under twelve months of age have these intolerances, but the severity of it can vary. Sometimes an intolerance lasts just a few days; other times the trouble persists.


Cow’s milk is the most likely problem food, because some babies have trouble digesting milk proteins or sugar. Once your baby starts solids, other intolerances may emerge.


Some babies have difficulty digesting gluten or, although it’s rare, have intolerances to certain kind of sugars.


Your doctor may suggest eliminating one food at a time to pin down the culprit and avoid it. Once the baby don’t eat the problematic food, he will be better soon.


Even if a baby is intolerant to a food, that doesn’t mean he’ll never be able to eat it.