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The Shopping Mall Offers all a New World to Explore for your Toddler or Child.

toddler or child


The shopping mall offers all a new world to explore for your toddler or child. They will not think twice about going out of your sight to see something that has caught their eye. You can use this tips to avoid or manage the situation of being separate from your children in the mall:


– Keep the child occupied, try that he has something to do while you are shopping. If the children are bored, they will look for something to explore.


– Give him your cell-phone number. If he can’t memorize it, write it down in a paper that you will put in his pocket or write it in a soft bracelet. There are special ones in which you can write your contact data.


– Teach your children what to do if he loses you. Tell him to stay where he is and to call your name, and, if he can’t find you he should alert a store employee or a security guard. If he is very young, you can teach him to look another “mommy” or a family and ask for help.


– Don’t panic. Alert the mall security, they may have procedures in place to help you find him.