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toddler list for Santa

During the last year, your baby has grown. He is not a little baby that sleeps and eats anylonger.


He has become a crawling, smiling, laughing toddler.


To help you choose a great gift for him, we have selected different toys that experts say are developmentally right and funny for a child who is around 12-month old:


  • Push-toys and pull-toys will help your child to get stability walking, and encourage him to continue walking.
  • Peg toys and shape sorters will teach them that some objects fit with others.
  • Nesting or stacking toys have a lot of possibilities: You can make them fit together, stack them, knock them down, use them to pour…
  • Bath toys: To have a very funny moment of the necessary washing time.
  • Musical Instruments: Make noise is one of the funniest things that a toddler can do.
  • Balls and blocks: These are toys that will grow with your children, develops their motor skills and allows family play.


Be sure that you have included some of these on your toddler list for Santa!!