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Common Mistakes That We Make Regarding Our Babies Sleep Routine

babies sleep routine


Sometimes, as parents, we make mistakes although we are doing our best. For example, we could make our nights in nightmares, having to wake up a lot of times because we are doing something wrong.


These are the most common mistakes that we make regarding our babies sleep routine, and how to avoid them:


— Stop being your baby bed: If you used your baby to be rocked until he gets asleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will cry to be rocked again. Let him get asleep alone in the crib around the three months of age.


— Avoid napping on the go: try that the baby has his naps in the crib, not in the car or the stroller.


— Separate feeding and bedtime: try to don’t feed him in the same room where he is going to sleep and try to finish the last feeding before starting the bedtime routine. It will avoid that the baby needs more feeding to get asleep in the middle of the night.


— Let the baby makes some noise: Don’t run into the baby’s room each time he does a noise. Let him try to get asleep by himself.