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Time To Crawl And Walk

safe your baby



Once the baby begins to crawl or to walk, every house seems to become a very dangerous place. There are a lot of risks at home for a baby, but we can avoid the most of them.


The corner of tables and other piece of furniture can be dangerous for the little heads of our little ones. There are different kinds of special protective equipment that you can stick in the dangerous corners to protect your baby.


Another place to avoid is the stair. If your house has stairs, you can place special doors to avoid risk of falling. These doors are easy to open and close for adults, but children can’t use them.


To keep safe your baby fingers, you must use doorstops for the room’s doors and special baby blockages for drawers and cupboards doors. Another thing that must be done is assure or remove things that might fall on the baby.


Don’t forget that the best protection for your baby is to keep an eye on him while he explores!