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We Will Review In Different Posts Some Of These Outdated Pieces Of Advicene

outdated pieces of advice


Along the time, it has been proven that some things that the previous generations used to do with babies (our parents do it with us, surely) are outdated.


We will review in different posts some of these outdated pieces of advice and we´ll try to explain why they are left behind:


– The baby must have the diaper changed in the night, although the change wakes up him.


The truth is that today’s diapers are highly absorbent, so it’s necessary to change a wet diaper in the middle of the night.


However, staying in the poopy diaper for too long can cause infections-so if you smell one, change it out.


– Infants need to have a bath every day. Babies don’t get stinky about the sweat, and when they are very little, they can’t get very dirty, so they only need to have a bath every two or three days.


If the bath is part of your sleep time routine it is not a problem to have a daily bath, but you must remember to moisturize his skin afterward.