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Why Danalac Has Three Different Stages Of Infant Formula?

stages of infant formula

Why Danalac has three different stages of infant formula?


Each stage is adapted to the nutritional needs of each moment of the development of the baby:


-Danalac Stage 1 or infant formula: milk is the only food that the baby can eat, so it must be as complete as it could.


-Danalac Stage 2 or follow-on formula: milk still is the basis of baby’s nutrition, but it is not the only food they need. In this moment, we introduce slowly and progressively new foods in baby feeding: cereals, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish…


-Danalac Stage 3 or growing-up formula: although milk continues being a very important part of the baby nutrition, he or she must eat almost like an adult.


Count on Danalac to choose the best option for your baby’s age and nutritional needs.