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During The First Two Years Of Your Baby’S Life

baby's life


During the first two years of your baby’s life, you will probably go to the pediatrician’s office more times than you ever will again.


Regular checkups, called well-baby visits, help your doctor make sure that your child’s growing and development is progressing normally, and he’s getting the nutrients he needs.


Why so many visits? Your baby’s body and mind change so quickly that frequent checkups can reveal deviations from what’s normal.


The visits also prepare parents for what to expect in terms of developmental milestones before the next exam. In addition, these visits should coincide with the schedule of immunization.


Well-baby visits are a chance for you to address your concerns – parents are usually the first ones to notice a problem – and to get comfortable with your doctor before you have to bring your child in sick.


Come prepared with questions, an open ear, and an open mind.