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Best time for discipline

Best time for discipline

Sometimes we wonder when is the best moment to start discipline a toddler.


When the kid is around 1 year old, we can start to teach our toddler which is the right behavior and what are the things that we don’t want they do.


The first thing we must do is to set limits and follow through on them again and again, without sending mixed messages to your little one about what is allowed or not.


Try to don’t say the word “No” to your child all the time, because he may start to say it himself when he doesn’t want to do something.  Or to ignore you when you say it.


Save the ‘No!’ for situations when safety is involved.


Instead of saying “No”, you can show your child how you want him to do things.


Don’t forget to reward your child’s good behavior to show him how pleased you are with him and encourage him to continue doing things in that way.