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First Week Babies Care

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You probably know the signs and sounds of an unhappy newborn early on.


But the signs of happiness can be more difficult to see, because babies don’t smile spontaneously, as direct answer to something you have done with them until after the first month (at least)


Here you have some clues to know if your little one is feeling fine:


— In the first weeks, babies don’t have the ability of express positive emotions other than looking peaceful. They can cry or don’t cry, so, if your baby looks at you without crying, it is good. He feels fine.


— When he is in your arms and conforms his body to them and doesn’t arch his back it is sign that he is comfortable.


Remember that, in the very first weeks of their life, babies are happy when we met their basic needs: milk, attention, clean diapers, help to sleep and tons of love.