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We Know That The Best Food For Babies Is Breast Milk

breast milk


Although we know that the best food for babies is breast milk, sometimes it is not possible or it needs to be complemented with infant formula. In this moment, doubts about how to choose the best baby bottle rise up.


Choosing the best baby bottle for your little one can be very difficult due to the many options to choose from. The first thing that you need to know is that you will not know which one your child likes until he tries it.


So, it is better not to buy a lot of baby bottles in the very first moment, perhaps one or two is enough for the beginning. As babies quickly enlarge the amount of milk they need, you can go straight to the bigger bottles and save money.


Talking about nipples, as they come in different levels, you can replace it as the baby is ready for the next size (or use smaller if the baby bottle goes with the big one) or when they are cracked, discolored, or thinning.


So, try the different bottles and pick the best for your baby!