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The First Days At Home With The Newborn



The first days at home with the newborn could make us feel really nervous about everything, even something as easy as bathtime.


We have seen how to bath a baby many times with our nephews, friend’s children, but, now, we must do it and it not seems to be as easy as it was. Don’t be scared, mom and dad! You will do it well.


I am sure you are thinking now “my baby is going to slip out my hands in the bathtub.” Don’t worry, it will not happen.


Although babies are slick when they are wet, you can do it. Try to follow the next tips and you became experts soon:


– Set everything you’ll need within arm’s reach, including the washcloth, baby wash, and towel.


– Soap up then rinse one area of his body at a time to prevent him from getting too slippery, from the head to the feet, always keeping one hand on the baby.


– Take your baby out of the tub, lifting him under his armpits and lay him down in a towel to wrap him up and made him easier to carry.