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To Bottle-Feed Twins May Be An Important Challenge For Their Parents.

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To bottle-feed twins may be an important challenge for their parents. We bring here some tips to help the parents of twins to be real experts in bottle-feeding two babies at the same time:


– Make bottles beforehand: You’ll save a lot of time if you make the bottles the night before and store them in the fridge. When one of the babies cries, it takes less time to be ready.


– Position your bouncy seats: Have two bouncy seats positioned where you want to feed your twins. Although it is not necessary to feed them at the same time, probably it’s easy for you, so, if you feel that you can do it, go ahead.


– Use a nursing pillow: The pillow wraps around your abdomen and allows one baby to rest on either side of the pillow, just make sure they are on an incline and not lying flat on their back.


– Don’t forget to burp: Take turns burping each baby. One twin may cry while his sister is being burped, but this is the first of many instances in which your twins will have to be patient.


– Start with slow nipples: Don’t use “fast” nipples to expedite bottle-feedings, because small babies can’t drink quickly and you’ll end up with a mess and spit-up. Go with the “slow” nipple and take it easy.