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How Useful Social Advice’s For Your Baby?

Doctor For Baby


We can get medical advice on social media in seconds, but we must have some things in account before we trust in these advices:


— Know when to post: perhaps comments about milestones, recipes or little tricks to comfort a crying baby maybe things to post in Facebook or other social media, but about medical concerns (like infections, high fevers or rushes) is better to go to see a doctor.


— Read comments critically: there are some people who pay attention to comments in social media instead of going to see the doctor.


At best, a Facebook treatment might not work; at worst, it can be harmful. Please, be careful and critical about the things you read in the Internet.


If you have any concern about your children’s health or development, please go to see a doctor.


— Check with experts: probably, you can find some blogs or webpages of medical professionals that may help you more than the comments in social media. You can see the official webpages of Pediatrician Associations to get some useful advice, too.