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We Often Wonder How We Can Prevent Our Baby’s Gases.

baby's gas


As parents, we often wonder how we can prevent our baby’s gases. Babies tend to accumulate gas because they swallow a lot of air: with the pacifier, crying, or simply eating.


When the air gets stuck in the baby’s belly, it feels uncomfortable and cries, which can make the problem worse.


These simple tricks can help you and your baby to prevent the gases from accumulating in their tummy:


Fix the posture to feed him: the head must be higher than the stomach. So the milk falls directly into the stomach and the air goes up, making it easier to throw it out.


Try to burp him during and after the shots.


Change the bottle or the, or even the pacifier. There are specific models to prevent gas accumulation.


Help him expel the gases: with soft massages, making him move his legs as if he pedaleara when he is lying face up or leaving him lying on his stomach (always with surveillance). This can make the air move and you can forget the problem.


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