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When Baby sleeps they are beautiful, aren’t they?

When Baby sleeps they are beautiful, aren’t they?

Usually, we say that newborn babies sleep a lot, but unfortunately for the new parents, they do not sleep for a long time.


The first months of the baby are a bit mixed-up with timetables, as she needs to eat every two to three hours, she can’t sleep much time. When your baby is around three months old things will be better, most babies can sleep around for six hours on the night.


In the meantime, unless your pediatrician has told you another thing, you can try to get baby on a day and night schedule: during the day, don’t let her snooze more than three hours without waking her to feed; at night let her sleep as long as she wants once she’s regained the weight she lost at birth.


When baby sleep they are beautiful, as the little baby girl in our picture, aren’t they?