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Child Development Milestones



Sometimes, as parents, we became very obsess about our child development milestones and the moment when he or she achieves one and the following, and so on.


Although children are supposed to roll over at 3 months, sit at 6 months, walk at 1 year and potty train at 2 years, these milestones are not so predictable as books or web pages would have you believe.


Development is a continuum, not a series of dramatic jumps. If your child smiles or walks before or after they are supposed to do, it doesn’t mean anything. Perhaps a child walks later than their day care classmates, but then, the same child recognizes earlier the numbers.


Of course, if you have any concern about your children development you should ask your pediatrician or nurse, but it is not good for you and your baby to be obsess with the milestones.