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Make Toddlers Play Time Their Learning Time



Play time is, perhaps, one of the most special moments of the day for you and your baby. That moment in which you sit down or lay down on the floor with your baby and some toys, and you play and laugh with your little one.


To enjoy these moments, there are some things that must be taken in account:


-Choose the right time for both of you: the baby must be well-rested and in the right mood, and do must you. If you or the baby are tired or upset, it is not a good moment.


-Make playtime learning time: choose activities that encourage both learning and play.


-Make sure toys are age-appropriate: getting toys for your baby’s specific age range would assure that your baby can play with them.


-Keep it simple: it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on toys and games. Your baby will enjoy more playing with you than with expensive toys. Sometimes, expensive toys do things by themselves and the baby watches at the toys but can’t interact with them.


Remember that an adult is the best toy for a baby and enjoy your play time!