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This Development Stage Will Get Over, Sooner Or Later.

development stage


There is a moment in the life of toddlers when they always seem to say “no”.


When they are about 2 or 3 years old, they feel that say “no” is a good way of having some control over the big and mysterious world where they lived.


However, hearing your child saying “no” all day can be frustrating, and drive us to constant conflicts. We can try to use different strategies to turn our “no” toddler into a “yes” kid:


– Try to tell your child what you want her to do rather than what you don’t want her to do. It’s a good way to avoid the word “no”. And, of course, reward good behavior.


– Try to give your child simple explanations for your requests, they are more likely to say “no” if they don’t understand you.


– Give your child the chance to make decisions about little things that could satisfy her need to feel in control.


– Encourage imitation and/or try to play with her when you feel it is most likely you will receive a “no” as an answer.


there are some occasions when you will clearly hear a “no”. Be ready and try not to get upset. This development stage will get over, sooner or later. 😉