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Danalac Baby Cereals Are A Good Option For Babies In Breakfast

Baby Cereals (2)


DANALAC Baby Cereals are a good option for babies in breakfast, afternoon snacks or even, for dinner when we are introducing another food into their diet.


There are a lot of different varieties of DANALAC Baby cereals to taste and enjoy, but, have you ever thought of mixing them?


Perhaps your baby loves bananas, but you want that he tries more fruits… why not mix DANALAC varieties whit banana and five fruits?


You can introduce little by little the new flavors mixing it with the ones that he loves. You can even mix DANALAC Baby Cereals in the fruits puree to introduce new combinations of flavors.


DANALAC Baby cereals allow you a lot of combinations, between the different varieties of cereals or with other meals.


Try it and let us know if your baby likes it!