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Do You Know That Your Baby Has The Innate Ability To Learn A Second Language?

baby's innate ability


Do you know that your baby has the innate ability to learn a second language?


This is great because studies show that multilingual people have more flexible thinking, better memory, and a boosted ability to concentrate.


Traditionally, experts have suggested waiting until age 3 to introduce a second language.


But recent studies showed that bilingual babies have vocabularies in each language (about 50 words at 18 months) that are comparable to those of babies who are learning only one.


So, if you or your spouse speaks a second language, use it around your child regularly.


Experts believe a baby needs to be exposed to a language at least 30 percent of the time to pick it up.


Even if you know only one language, see whether a caregiver, a close friend or a relative can work on other languages with him.


When he begins to talk, he will speak with each person in the language they use to talk to him.