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6 month babies


Six-month-old babies are motivated to move, even if they can’t get very far.

The most remarkable change is that during the sixth month, babies are moving out into the world around them. They will continue rolling from one place to another  and they’re probably be able to sit unsupported for brief moments.

Before now, your baby tended to put everything in her mouth  but she’ll now start to use her hands to explore objects by touch. She will be delight in gazing at mirrors, babbling, and examining objects. And, which is more important, she will begin to observe how her actions cause reactions.

Besides, when your little one is six months old, you can change her infant formula from stage 1 to stage 2. Ask your health provider when is the right moment  to change and remember you can continue giving your baby her favorite DANALAC infant formula while she is getting older..