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It’s Friday baby


It’s Friday again!

In many countries, along this weekend families have picnics in the park or in the field due to Easter celebrations. A picnic is a very funny familiar activity to share with a baby. Never mind if the baby is the only child or if you are going with more children (siblings, cousins or friends), it can become a very fun day.

You don’t need to carry a lot of things extra. Apart from the normal things you carry when you go out with your baby (diapers, food, an extra change of clothes, some toys…) you will need:
-A blanket for the baby to lay down or sitting up on it. It will be better if it is water-proof because it will avoid that baby get wet with the grass.
-A sunscreen with a high protection factor
-If your baby tolerates it, a cap or a hat to protect his or head from the sun
-A bag to disposal dirty diapers.
-And, don’t forget bubbles! They provide fun for all the family.


Enjoy the weekend!