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Take Your Baby Swimsuit And Let’S Go!

swimming Baby


Today is Friday, and perhaps you are looking for a special weekend activity to share with your baby.


Finding things to do with a baby aged 6 -12 months old is difficult because they want to interact with daddy and mummy, but they are too young to do things as going to the cinema or play in the playground.


A nice activity to share in the family is going to the swimming pool. Babies can go to the pool since they are very young, and usually, they love it because the sensation is like the one they feel in their mother´s womb.


Besides, in the swimming pool, the contact between parents and babies is full.


This could be an activity to do in summer or even in winter thanks to the climate indoor pools.


To swim is very healthy for your baby because the freedom of movement allowed by the water helps to their psychomotor development.


Take your swimsuit and let’s go!