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Be affectionate with your baby

Its Love At First Sight
Its Love At First Sight
Its Love At First Sight


Today we are going to talk about one of the diverse ways of becoming a great dad.


Be affectionate with your baby.


Kids need love, but they don’t understand the word “love”.


Babies, toddlers, and big kids do understand a loving touch.


Hugging them, snuggling them, and kissing them makes them feel loved.


A kid that knows they’re loved is a happy kid – the kind of kid that runs and jumps into your arms when they see you.


You will never regret being affectionate with your child, because you will be able to send a “you’re loved” message right to your kid’s heart anytime with just a simple peck on the forehead, a quick hug before leaving to go to work, or even just tousling their hair as they walk by.