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Few Moments Of Your Baby’s First Year Will Be As Uneasy As His First Cold

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Few moments of your baby’s first year will be as uneasy as his first cold. He might pant during feedings, snort herself awake during a nap, or look at you bewildered and sad.


You will want to do anything you can to make him feel better. Here you have some tips that may help:


– Clear out the mucus. You can use saltwater nose drops or spray to loosen the congestion.


– Keep him hydrated. Feeding your baby in an upright position can help ease congestion and prevent mucus from running down her throat while he’s trying to drink.


– Help him cough it out. To ease congestion, take your baby into the bathroom and turn on the shower to make the air hot and steamy. A humidifier set up in the baby’s bedroom can also help.


– Encourage rest. Although your baby will need more sleep when he is sick, those annoying symptoms can make it difficult. You can help him to sleep raising the head of the crib or allowing him to sleep a nap in the stroller, where you can raise his head.


– Watch for warning signs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor with concerns.