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Fear Is A Natural Part Of The Childhood And Development Process.

childhood and development process


Fear is a natural part of the childhood and development process. Experiencing fear is stressful to children and parents, so we should not minimize it.


Being afraid is a sign that the baby is gaining awareness of her environment and trying to live in it. Most fears arrive at predictable stages:


– Newborns usually have two fears: loud noises and falling.


– By 8 to 10 months, they begin to feel separation and stranger anxiety. As they didn’t know where their parents go and they think that they will disappear forever, it is important to tell them that we are going to return when we should go..


– With the first steps, the baby needs independence and control of their environment, she would be frightened of things that are out of their control, like noises, animals, the dark or the storms.


And remember – these fears won’t last forever, although perhaps other would come to replace them.