Music and Your Child

Toddlers will enjoy the music of a rich in experiences environment that can help them to develop more neural connections.

Enjoy The Music With Your Child!


Music is part of life for toddlers. They hear music in the car, listen their parents singing to them (doesn’t matter how) and they sing for themselves, even “composing” their own melodies!


This early introduction to music has a lot of benefits. Toddlers will enjoy the music of a rich in experiences environment that can help them to develop more neural connections.


These new pathways in their brains will help them in the school and then, all their lives.


Another benefit of music is that it is fun. You can enjoy with your child just listening music or you can interact with music.


It is funny to sing songs that go along with simple hand motions (each country has their own), to dance different rhythms, or to clap and tap your feet with the rhythm of the music.


We can explore which is the sound of different surfaces when we tap on them with a spoon or our own hands.


Also, there are instruments that toddlers can play with. In the beginning, they can shake bells or rain sticks, for example.


When they are around two years old, they can play the drum or a xylophone. And after, you can try to play simple wind instruments like pipes or whistles.


There are special “toy instruments”, adapted to the small hands and mouths of our children and made with safer materials.


Enjoy the music with your child!

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