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Why I Want To Cry When My Baby Cries?

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Why do I want to cry when my baby cries?


When your baby cries, you have a physical reaction. Your blood pressure and pulse raise and you need to comfort the baby as soon as possible.


If the cry goes on for a long time, crying could be enough to make you lose your mind. Perhaps, your feeling is that you are going, even, to lose your temper.


Don’t worry, it is a normal reaction. The desperate cry of a baby is one of the most stressful sounds in the world.


When you feel that your baby cry is too much for you, place the baby in a safe place (the crib or the buggy) and go out of the room.


Be alone for a while, drink a glass of water, count from ten to one… do anything that could help you to get calm.


Remember that you are a good parent and then, come back with your baby. You are now ready to help your baby to calm down, too.