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We Can Help Our Baby’S Cognitive Development.

baby’s cognitive development


As we know yet, we can help our baby’s cognitive development. Today we want to propose you simple games you can play together when your little one is around 9 or 12 months old.


You can ask your baby simple questions that she can answer by pointing, such as “Where is your nose? Where is your mouth?”


She can learn the different parts of the face or the body with this simple game, even asking for her nose and after for your own nose.


Another thing you can do with your little one is playing with stacking toys. These are funny, it can be boxes, cups or even cars that fit into each other.


You can show your baby how to nest them, how to stack them and, after stacking, how to destroy the “tower.” Once your baby learns to throw the stacked toys, you’ll never be fast enough to stack them all before your child throw it.