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Having Two Children Under Two Years Old Is Chaotic

children under two years


Having two children under two years old is chaotic, without any doubt. Having back-to-back babies can come with many rewards, but when you face very busy moments like meal time, it could be too much demanding.


One trick you can use is to have a few special toys that only come out when the little one needs to have her milk. As she will eat more times a day than her sister, the elder will be playing with the special toys and give you some quiet minutes. You can try to combine the special toys with a special tv show.



Regarding the elder sister meal, you can prepare in advance a lot of baby food and freeze it in portions (for example, while you are preparing your own meal). You just have to take the daily portions out of the freezer previous night.


From Danalac, we want to make easy this chaotic month, so our infant formula comes in different colored tins, one for each growing stage, so you don’t have to worry about confusions.