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There Are A Lot Of Children With Shyness.

children with shyness


There are a lot of children with shyness. Is your little one of them? You can help to break her out of her shell and enjoy with other.


First of all, It is never a good idea to compare your children with others, and it is worse if you compare her with other outgoing friends or siblings.


Instead of compare, try to focus on what makes your child different and let her know how special that part of her personality is.


Even a child who enjoys being with other people can be overwhelmed in a large group, so try to be with few people in the beginning (another family, or a few pals in the park) to enlarge little by little.


And, if you can’t avoid large groups, try to explain your little one what is going to happen, and allow her to bring something from your home if helps to make her feel more self-confidence.


And, finally, watch your words. It’s better to talk about shyness as how your child feels, not who she is, because if she feels shy it’s only a moment;


but if you say that she is shy, you are labeling her as shy and letting that shyness is one of the things that define her, and she will be always “the shy girl.” Being careful with words is good for your child.