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When does a baby crawls?

When does a baby crawls?

Crawling gives a baby a taste of independence and a new view of the world.


When a baby crawls? Usually, between 7 and 9 months old, but this can change. Really, a baby starts to crawl when his body is ready.

Two developments converge to help baby to start crawling.


First, the baby’s sense of balance improves.


Second, the baby’s muscles have become stronger from having had a repertoire of experiences in different positions.


Of course, “crawling” means different things to different babies, while a baby can walk as a “bear” (with hands and knees), another can move on his bottom helping the movement with a leg or the hands.


In addition, crawling doesn’t merely boost physical skills.


As your baby learns to move independently, he will become more aware of her surroundings and better able to navigate them.


This is the moment of becoming really sure that your house is “baby-safe.”