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Read For Your Baby

share with your baby

Reading is always a great activity to share time with your baby.


You can use the moment of reading and tell stories as a part of relaxing routine before going to bed.


You will notice that, as your baby is growing, she will develop different ways of enjoying the reading time.


At the beginning, she just enjoys the sound of your voice.  After, your baby will like to listen to the same story day after day.


She will focus on objects on each page and feels comforted by seeing the same images and hearing the same words over and over again.


You can try slipping in a new story, but if she wants the same it is not a thing to worry about.


After these days (or weeks) of reading the same story, she will probably enjoy asking more and more stories every night, and she can advance parts of the story.


She will laugh if you use different voices to tell the story and be able to answer questions related to the story.


Some books and time for sharing them with our children is always a good activity, especially if you have to stay at home on a cold or hot afternoon.