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When Could I Start To Feed My Baby With Cereal?

Baby feeding cereals


When could I start to feed my baby with cereal?


Most pediatricians recommend introducing solid foods to babies when they are around 6 months of age.


If your baby is around this age, can sit up well with support, and shows interest in the foods when you are eating, it’s probably a good time to initiate feeding your baby with solid food, and cereal could be a good and healthy option.


Remember that you are going to add cereal to your baby diet. This will not replace breast milk or formula. Remember that you are introducing solid food, not eliminating milk.


When your baby reaches this milestone, you can continue trust on Danalac to feed your baby. Danalac Baby Food Cereals are made with partially hydrolyzed cereals that help baby’s digestion and carry a naturally sweet taste.


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