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Iron is an Essential Nutrient for Babies.

nutrient for babies.


Iron is an essential nutrient for babies. It is necessary to produce hemoglobin, which is the part of the red cells that deliver oxygen to the whole body. Until the baby is four months old, his needs of iron are covered by the amount he had received from his mother in the last trimester of pregnancy.


If the baby is fed with infant formula, as DANALAC, his needs of iron are met because it has the right amount of iron for each stage of the baby’s growth. If the baby is breastfed, from his fourth month of life, the pediatrician will tell you if it is necessary to use an iron supplement or if it will be enough if you introduce baby cereals (supplemented with iron) in the diet. It is important not give babies cow’s milk before their first birthday because of it difficult iron absorption.


DANALAC infant formula and the other DANALAC’S baby food products assure that your baby is going to receive the amount of iron he needs to grow healthy and happy.