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Sometimes, We Can Think That It Is Not Necessary To Wean From The Bottle.

wean from bottle


Sometimes, we can think that it is not necessary to wean from the bottle, that it is something only necessary for that baby who is breastfeeding. But, we would be wrong.


Weaning baby bottle is necessary because toddlers who drink from a bottle for too long tend to have more cavity risk or to consume more milk than necessary, which may lead to loss of appetite.

The best moment to wain is between 12 and 15 months old when babies can drink well enough from a sippy cup.

You can do it introducing the sippy cup between 6 and 9 months old, but not just with water.


If you use the sippy cup for formula or juices and the bottle for water, it will be a way to achieve that the baby will prefer the sippy cup.


Then, around 12 months old, you can explain to her that, as she is a big girl, she is going to use always the sippy cup, or even, if you dare, a normal cup as mummy’s one.