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The First Birthday Of Your Baby Has Arrived!

first birthday


The first birthday of your baby has arrived!


It doesn’t matter if you are going to do a great party with the children of the neighborhood or you will just eat cake with the family. You must do only what you want to do and don’t overload yourself to have the funniest day possible.


The cake will be one of the focus of the day. Baked by you or purchased, the cake must be creative and special. Don’t forget the candle to blow it!


The party must be short, an hour or two will be enough for the little host and the guests. Avoid unnecessary hazards, as latex balloons, that can be chocking for little children.


For sure, you want to have a lot of pictures of this special day. Remember to take some pictures of the cake and the baby with daddy and mummy before the arrival of the guests.


At last, but not least, remember that your baby perhaps needs a moment to retreat. Don’t force him to be social. Consider asking help to his usual babysitter or another person which is familiar to the baby to go out of the party with the baby for a while to give him a rest.