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Finger Painting…


Finger painting… Before becoming parents, many of us didn’t know that finger painting even exists.


But finger painting is a very funny activity for babies and toddlers to express their creativity and to be a bit messy with mom and dad (and the older siblings). It could be a great indoor activity for days of rain or cold.


You can use the more traditional way: with paper (or even better, cardboard), finger painting in assorted colors, an overall to protect the clothes and some wipe towels, we’re ready to begin to paint.


If your child likes the finger painting and you want to innovate, you can try to fix a big cardboard in an easy-washable wall.


In summer, or if your house is warm, you can put your baby in the bathtub with just a diaper and the finger painting… It will be funny! And easy to clean, which for parents is important, too.


Remember to use good quality finger painting to avoid undesirable reactions in your baby skin.