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We want to Protect Our Babies and Toddlers.

babies and toddlers


Surely, now you are a parent you have thought many times about the potential poisons we have at home. Detergents, medicines, tobacco, insecticides… there are a lot of things from which we want to protect our babies and toddlers.


However, we can have at home things that are even more dangerous, but we haven’t realized that it can be a poison for our babies. Here we have listed some examples:


-Detergent pods: They are beautiful, colored and they are dangerous, like any other detergent. Experts strongly recommend avoiding the pods in houses where little children live because they are very attractive to them.

-E-cigarette devices and liquid nicotine: Even a sip of the concentrate liquid nicotine used for these electronic devices can produce a harmful effect. Keep it closed in a safe place, locked if it is possible.

-Essential oils: Although they came from plants, in some cases they are not safe. If they are not properly used, or the children drink some oil they can be a poison. You must be as careful with the essential oils as you are with medicines.

-Veterinary medicines: They are as dangerous as medicines for humans, so they must be stored in a locked cabinet, where the children haven’t access.

-Personal care products: Sometimes, these products have alcoholic bases or any kind of chemical that could be a poison if it is swallowed. Don’t allow children to touch them and try to keep them out of the little hands.


Just in case, remember to have in your contact list the phone number of your nearest poison control center or toxicologic center.