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Talking About Children’s Safety

children’s safety


Talking about children’s safety, there are some things around them that we have never thought that could be dangerous for our children, but they are, really.


In the kitchen, the dishwasher can be dangerous, because it gives children easy access to knives and forks.


Also, the detergent can irritate your child’s skin and eyes and can burn the lining of her mouth and oesophagus if swallowed.


To keep children safe, you must point all the sharp items downward in the utensil basket, don’t fill the dispenser until you are going to turn the dishwasher on and keep the dishwasher closed when it’s not in use.


Another thing that is dangerous are latex balloons. This kind of balloons can completely block breathing if the child swallow a balloon or a part of it.


To keep your children safe, try to avoid this kind of balloons. Always supervise your baby when playing with balloons and never allow them to bit, chew or blow up balloons. When a balloon pops, immediately throw away the pieces.


Once you have everything under control at home, you can receive visits that came with danger things in their purses (medicines, cosmetics, needles, hard candies, etc.).


For these cases, the best thing to do is to keep the purse in a closet or room where your baby can’t get to them.