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Baby Sleeping Bed

crib to bed arrived


Has the moment of moving from crib to bed arrived yet? For some children, the change is difficult. Accustomed to the warm, cocoon like environment of a crib, they initially dislike the openness of a bed.


The switch can also be difficult because toddlers like familiar things, and their crib is one of the most familiar things for them. You can smooth the way following the next tips:


— Be sure that time is right. There are some clues that could tell us that the baby is ready to sleep on a bed: he tries to climb out of the crib, he wants to do everything by himself and the own patterns of sleep of the child.


— Talk up the event. Explain your toddler that he is a big boy and he is going to have a big bed. If you are going to buy a new one, perhaps you can ask him how he would like the new bed.


— Make the move gently. If there is enough room, let the crib and the bed some days in the toddler’s bedroom in order to let him get used to the new bed. He could can begin to play or to have naps in the new bed until he is prepared to sleep all night in it.


— Maintain the “Good Night” routines. They are very important for the kids, so, you must keep on the singing, reading, or whatever you do before sleep.