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We Must Face A Truth: We Don’T Understand Our Toddlers.



As parents, we must face a truth: we don’t understand our toddlers. They are developing their personalities and growing in a big and strange world, and sometimes, their behaviors are really extravagant to adult eyes.


Surely, you have lived this scene or any other very similar: a toddler pinches her finger in a toy. The mother finds a tiny red mark but no broken skin, and she offers to kiss her,


but the girl says (or even cries) that she needs a Band-Aid. Mom thinks that her girl is exaggerating, but the girl thinks that she needs help, because she is “broken”.


Toddlers have just realized that their bodies are themselves, and they love their bodies because they make no distinction between the physical, mental, or emotional “me,” so every little nick, real or imagined, is an insult to self.


The easiest way to face the little injuries or bumps of your toddler is to skip the reasoning, have an ample supply of bandages and even an arnica stick, and take advantage while you can of their miraculous tear-stopping powers.